"I am Potential is an encouraging story of love, sacrifice, and overcoming obstacles!"

-Dave Johnson, Writer/ Director "Doc" "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye" "Christmas with Tucker"

"Inspiring, powerful, and heart-touching!"

-The Dove Foundation

"As a parent of a child with microphthalmia and someone who works very closely with families affected by anophthalmia/microphthalmia, I found the film touching and inspiring.

For families that have a child affected by one of these conditions, it is important to not only touch on the successes but also recognize the challenges that occur over time.  I am Potential, the Patrick Henry Hughes story, hits on both of these topics and is truly uplifting!"

-Ryan McGrady, President of ICAN

"An examination of fatherhood. One father's hard decision to love his son without measure."

"Even though the family has their many trials and makes many sacrifices, the love and positivity is, well, overwhelming at times. I'm not a fan of saccharine movies, but there are no "Hallmark" artificial sweeteners in "Potential." This family is really a "can-do" family." 

-Sister Helena Burns, Hellburns.blogspot.com